Winter Lights Festival 2018

The Winter Lights Festival 2018 will be held for the 17th time in Reykjavík and is an annual event which is held on the first weekend of February. The Festival celebrates both the winter world and the growing sun light after a long period of darkness. The program is a mixture of art and industry, environment and history, sports and culture and provides entertainment for Reykjavík’s locals and guests alike. The programme reflects the many faces of Reykjavík´s capital area; with the participation of all the major museums, thermal pools and a ski resort.
The opening night is on Thursday 1. february 2018 and begins with the illumination of beautiful lights all over the capital area.
The Winter Lights Festival 2018 will take place 1.- 4.  February and all events are free of charge except The Northernlights Run. 
For further information please contact vetrarhatid@reykjavik.is


The Museum Night takes place 2. February 2018 and is one of the Winter Lights Festival’s major events and has become one of the highlighting events in Reykjavík’s winter calendar, attracting a loyal following of locals and visitors. Forty five museums across the capital area open their doors and entertain their guests with unusual happenings such as fashion shows, dance, theatre, lectures, live music, film, literature readings and much more. All  museums are open from 18.00-23.00. Here you can find a list of all museum on Museum Night. 
The Pool Night takes place on 3.  February 2018 where many of the largest swimming pools in the Reykjavík capital area open their doors to visitors. The Pool Night is from 18:00 – 22:00 where the visitors will be entertained with spectacular and various events. All pools in Reykjavík are heated with thermal water which makes it nice and comfortable to swim outdoors during the wintertime. And if you are lucky you might get a glimpse of the Northern Lights while relaxing in a hot tub in one of the outdoor pools! Here you can find a list of all swimming pools in Pool night.